Cold War Part Deux: Revenge of the Unicorns

[Editors Note: Given the news this week, we are taking a time out from our series re-evaluating the history of chemical warfare to talk about nuclear weapons. While we will be getting back to that series soon, beginning with our inaugural video podcast, the following is a helpful guide to past posts and additional information on Russian nuclear posture and policy. Enjoy!]

The Russian Topal M, Mobile Nuclear Missile

In case you missed it,, spent a good part of May talking about Russian nuclear weapons policy and modernization programs.  Unless you were living under a rock this week and failed to notice, that issue gained new relevance with the Russian announcement they were deploying new nuclear weapons. 

Now, if you'd been following or been paying attention to the Russian military for the last ten years or so, this week probably came as no surprise. In any case, I wanted to share a set of links to past posts on this issue, to include our own estimates of the Russian nuclear arsenal.

For anyone wanting to "get up to speed" this is your place to start. I've also included some helpful links to additional information from the US Army War College Strategic Studies Institute should anyone want to take a deeper dive. Of course, most of our informative posts have extensive bibliographies and/or footnotes you can also consult.

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