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Book Review: Michael H. Armacost, The Politics of Weapons Innovation: The Thor-Jupiter Controversy

Follow the link to my book review of Michael H. Armacost’s The Politics of Weapons Innovation: The Thor-Jupiter Controversy., a book about the inter-service rivalry between the Air Force and Army Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile Programs in the 1950s that matched Bernard Shriver’s Western Development Division of the Air Force (and its TRW Corporation) against the Army’s superior rocket team at Red Stone Arsenal led by Werner Von Braun (and Chrysler Motor Company), which would go on to form an essential part of NASA.

WWI Further Reading

One of our readers requested some additional source material about some of what I write about on The Further Reading list posted today will appear in our forthcoming book on Belleau Wood and in our series of publications of Rexmond Cochrane's work, but I'm posting it here for a "living version" on our website to encourage others to learn more about the most critical part of CBRN history - the beginning. 

Book Review: Philip Ball's Serving the Reich: The Struggle for the Soul of Physics under Hitler

We are always reading here at A lot of that includes books related to CBRN history or CBRN issues. So when we finish one of those we like to offer our readers a review. Philip Ball's Serving the Reich is not directly associated with CBRN, but it touches on a very real aspect of dealing with CBRN as developed by authoritarian states (which is most of it) through the case study of the Nazi nuclear program. Check our review out at and follow us on Facebook for news and updates.