Exciting News and a Preview of Things to Come!

Howdy CBRN professionals!  We've been "offline" for a little while now at CBRNPro.net but that isn't because we are slacking off.  We've been hard at work researching and preparing new content and material for you. If you didn't already know, the 100 year anniversary of US entry into World War I is rapidly approaching. Over the next year and a half, CBRNPro.net is going to commemorate this key anniversary in CBRN history in a variety of ways.  \

Right now we are putting the finishing touches on the first in an exciting new and improved re-issue of Rexmond Cochrane's twenty outstanding studies of the American experience of chemical warfare in the First World War.  These new issues will utilize Cochrane's original draft reports, heavily annotated with new information and research, as well as updated maps and other resources. The first book will cover the 2nd Infantry Division and the Marines at Chateu Thierry and Belleau Wood. We hope to announce publication in a few weeks. The series will be issued sporadically thereafter over the next year and a half and available as both an e-book and in print from major online retailers.  

We are also working on a companion documentary series to accompany these books.  As part of that we've been knee deep in archival footage from World War I and wanted to give you a preview of some of the amazing stuff we've found.  Head over to our new YouTube channel to check it out, or watch it here.  

This video is a preview of footage gathered for a documentary produced by CBRNPro.net for the 100th anniversary of American entry into the First World War.